Sunday, June 17, 2012

While the baby sleeps, the mama scraps frantically...

Must be a record-scrapping without Eli's face. A photo collage from my 365 of a day of our holidays, I thought I lived into the west until I went west west into Achill. Such gorgeous scenery. I don't think you'd find a nicer beach abroad than Keel

In your eyes, I can see the struggle that's been, the struggle that's yet to come , knowing nothing has come easy and you've fought it (and us) every step of the way.. But I also see strength and know you are strong enough. If you are anything to go by, believing in the impossible usually works out. It's not you that needs to be stronger, but us to believe in you more.
Echo Park Boy's life pack again :)

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  1. Great layouts Lou. Your journalling on Eli's one is beautiful :)