Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inspired by pinterest

I saw these white mugs and thought they were perfect for the pin going around pinterest lately, but I put an Irish take on it. Don't think too many people would know what a cup of scald was ;) D thought long and hard about his cup and decided fuelled by satan was the only way he like to take his coffee

I had a quick scribble on the back of my cup to fill my mustache cravings these days lol

Using a sharpie do your design and bake at 350f or 175c for 30 minutes to set. The design is limitless!!


  1. Such a cool idea! Are those the mugs from Heatons?

  2. Ya €2! saw them and thought they were perfect, very hard to get a nice white mug!

  3. Great idea! must try it! They have plain white mugs in Tesco for 80c at the moment. :)