Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dr Who Halloween

 As all self confessed Dr Who Nerds we all co-ordinated our Halloween costumes as Dr 10 and 11, the tardis and the weeping angel. It was a wet night here in Ireland and the street party we were going to was cancelled which means no one was dressed up when we went out, it's not like I could hide 3 1/2 foot wings!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A colony of bats

I was crafting with Trail of Destruction and had some left over black paper so decided to cut a few bats out after seeing it done on pinterest. I love it so much I don't think it's coming down, because just the centre of the bat is stuck to the wall the wings move and it makes them look like they are flying!

Spoooooky Halloween decoration

Well you hardly thought I was going to say Christmas decoration. The final week is upon us now and the last minute dash to costumes is being made as well as complete changes (a little 3 year old with KISS makeup, too fricking  cute!) I bought this die off Felicia when I met her in Athlone this month and was waiting until I got some time to do it. It happened I was passing my desk and it lured me in like a siren calling. Before I knew it I was wrist deep in black paint and wondering what had happened. The delicate little gate kept falling over,  Eli kept pulling off the gates so I had to hot glue it to some grey board and covered it with some cardboard shavings, sprayed a bit and stuck down with PVA. I love the hand sticking out of the garden and the minute hand on the fimo clock is... a hand. Cracks me up :)
Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 18, 2013

2 altered houses

Love the difference in them, one in Halloween inspired and the other not yet finished is colourful and retro with Amy Tangerine papers I got in TK Maxx

Some DIY christmas makes- altered mini drawers and altered matchboxes

 This originally was pink and hideous I painted it with a paint dauber and stamped with a prima word stamp to create texture. 
 Altered matchbox in the first drawer, personal joke with my sister when we used to see someone he was a ride so I made a handsome skeleton suitor for her, shrink plasticed a bike and added what a ride to the outside

Fimo magnet from a Dyan Reavley set

She loves Dr Who so i painted the tardis on a match box

For Matt Smith on the inside!

Larger matchbox with a seaside theme inside

The back

Chillingworth Manor Halloween Album 2013

In Athlone recently I saw an album made with this paper pack and knew it would be perfect for the Halloween album I wanted to make. Using the Stack the deck method I bound black paper and made each page like an envelope so I could put paper mat's in between each. Lots of glossy accents and glitter... and that was just on my face and Eli's hands... *note to oneself- find out what to do with grunge paper

Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween House *photo heavy

Ah Halloween, the air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy and children easily scared. A magical time of year!
I want to start a set of classy halloween decorations, classy being a word I don't use lightly! I bought 2 of these houses from Cardznscrapz as Christmas presents so had to forgo one for my project. I painted the edges with a silver dauber and then stamped with black script in versamark  and covered it in Chillingworth Manor paper *warning not every box or even both sides are the same so measure each side!
I bought the new Doc Who magazine because it had the Weeping Angel in it and needed somewhere to house her so it was all perfect! I used a few other bits I had lying around and added Peter the armless Skeleton, poor Peter can't remember where he left them. Don't you hate that!
I'll just put this up because my motion activated flashing neon skull heads, I did mention classy decorations didn't I?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Finished christmas duvet!

I don't think I will ever get the glitter off me, I sneezed yesterday and it was glitter. Eli was covered in glitter and now D is complaining that he was covered as well.  Well they do say glitter is the herpes of the crafting world! Tis the season....

New CHA Release Tag- The Scientist

Well I finally did it, I treated myself to Distress Markers... the full set ecck. After my class in Athlone I went shopping with Create with Kate who had alllll the new CHA releases in her shop. I couldn't hold a conversation until I had the shopping out of my system!
 I am not a colourer so it will be a learning process for me. Like not using water colour paper, they just didn't blend but maybe it was because I wasn't doing it right. I don't like rules or you have to's! I wanted to put as a title- Mad scientist? No I'm not a scientist- but it wouldn't fit. I don't actually know why I bought him but something about him drew him to me, kinda like Charles. I shall call him Thadius, he looks like a Thadius don't you think :)