Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Holes in clothes- monster mouths!

So because Eli isn't walking yet all his pants have these delightful little tears in the knees of them (don't talk to me about his shoes!) and I can't keep throwing them out because they still fit him and seems such a waste. Today I had a quiet moment and decided to try and fill it in (saw on pinterest of course) but I didn't have proper scraps or any inclination to sow...

Monster knees!!The teeth were from an old cot blanket that frayed so I would use something else next time and I used maybe 4/5 layers on the mouth so it wouldn't wear away so quickly. I can see alot of monster themed clothes coming up :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday paper duvet

The finished duvet for a birthday present, I was thinking it wasn't coming together and then when I stuck it on the backing it just looked right :) I had to trim some bits down so my advice on these is to leave an edge that can be trimmed, or maybe measure. Ya measuring would probably be good advice.... but it's for suckers and life is too short to be using rulers and straight lines!

Inspired by pinterest

I saw these white mugs and thought they were perfect for the pin going around pinterest lately, but I put an Irish take on it. Don't think too many people would know what a cup of scald was ;) D thought long and hard about his cup and decided fuelled by satan was the only way he like to take his coffee

I had a quick scribble on the back of my cup to fill my mustache cravings these days lol

Using a sharpie do your design and bake at 350f or 175c for 30 minutes to set. The design is limitless!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday presents: to buy or to make

Since funds have become a little redundant since Mr F was laid off, the thought of upcoming birthdays is filling me with dread. A friend who gave me an awesome canvas print of me and Eli for my birthday is celebrating her birthday in a few weeks. I couldn't think of anything (without using the word cheap) she would like so I've decided to knit her a ruffle scarf and made a little square of a paper quilt. Here's a few samples of it, I think if I put it into a nice frame it could turn out presentable enough but in my head I will be thinking it's not enough so if I could lay my hands on a photo of her twins I could alter a canvas. As of now, only things are half started and knowing me if I don't finish something straight away it won't get finished at all so I might just buy her a voucher!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick PTI birthday card

I am seeing a trend with all my cards, they all start with "quick". I had to try my new PTI fence and tree die out and made a card for a friend for her birthday, as a card maker herself I feel under tremendous pressure when I do make her one and usually mess it up but know that she will appreciate it ... unlike my father (see father's day post)

Customising a child's t-shirt

I got a pack of plain t-shirts with all intentions of sowing on some cute little dickie bows and ties but laziness got the better of me! I stamped an image of monsters onto his t-shirt (I bought them on ebay from Michaels) and a little explanation of why Eli doesn't talk. Next step...learn how to iron clothes

Quick father's day cards

When I say quick I mean literally 5 minutes but for all the time my father looked at his (he read the inside and didn't even notice it was handmade!) and D was laughing so hard at his prop (a mustache on a stick) neither of them noticed the mess. But then again, they are men and probably wouldn't give two hoots about the quality (she says as she twitches looking at all the mistakes lol) Next year I'll be more year
I went with the sentiment of wishing my Dad a happy father dad, being more so I wished to celebrate a day of happy fathers...*note to oneself- buy a happy father'S day stamp 

We made these with the kids in montessori and when I tried to explain it to them, I sounded so country I started talking like that all day! Well we all had a fantashtic father's day, we fed the duckas, had an awesome dinner and just enjoyed spending time with each other. 

Even Eli joined in with our fantashtic theme :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2nd altered canvas

I painted the edges blue with Tim Holtz blue paint dabber than added heavy gesso. I pulled it across then canvas with a card then added splashes of blue paint. Stamped some background stamps into the heavy areas of gesso to add some depth. The photo's again are from her engagement photoshoot and without wanting to go too soppy, I don't know how soppy of a couple they are. I used the quote "Where there is love, there is life" very handy I found some old stamps of love and life-score! 
The curse of mod podge struck with the green sheet, I thought it was thicker and could take it but it couldn't and buckled noooooooooooooooooo, I am offically out of double sided tape so nothing else can be done because I'm so annoyed at the crinkles. The photo emphasises it but my perfectionist side is twitching wildy, I know better than to say it to her when I give her these because that's all she will be able to see I'm sure. But all in all, I'm happy with the way they came out and hope she doesn't shove them into the downstairs loo lol

While the baby sleeps, the mama scraps frantically...

Must be a record-scrapping without Eli's face. A photo collage from my 365 of a day of our holidays, I thought I lived into the west until I went west west into Achill. Such gorgeous scenery. I don't think you'd find a nicer beach abroad than Keel

In your eyes, I can see the struggle that's been, the struggle that's yet to come , knowing nothing has come easy and you've fought it (and us) every step of the way.. But I also see strength and know you are strong enough. If you are anything to go by, believing in the impossible usually works out. It's not you that needs to be stronger, but us to believe in you more.
Echo Park Boy's life pack again :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sometimes you just need an escape

and scrapbooking was mine last night, although I sat on the edge of my seat the whole time and scrapped the 4 pages in a hour I still feel better for it. This is It's a Boy's Life by Echo Park, it's a nice pack a little busy but lovely bright colours and nothing too boyish!
My Hero- one awesome little dude :)
These are scraps I cut from the front of the pack and my honeycomb stamp from PTI stamped with momento (which I find crap for stamping with)

That face.... oh it's one only a mother could love. I mounted stickers onto thick cardboard to make them stand out more and they look very prominent on the page, much better than foam dots!

Although the sunlight washed it out the top left says, Dinner in our house, usually is followed by this face, screaming and crackers for dinner. Having a child with sensorial issues and food fussiness just makes for dreadful feeding!

If I could leave him out all day no one would be as happy as him, if he could walk it would be even better because we seem to go through a pair of pants a week with ripped knees!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wedding card with PTI stamps

Trying out my new Rosie Posie PTI dies and stamps to make this wedding card. I need to send an evening rolling and stamping these, I think they are so pretty! Doesn't help I made the card with the ex boyfriends name... re-do quick as lighting!