Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday presents: to buy or to make

Since funds have become a little redundant since Mr F was laid off, the thought of upcoming birthdays is filling me with dread. A friend who gave me an awesome canvas print of me and Eli for my birthday is celebrating her birthday in a few weeks. I couldn't think of anything (without using the word cheap) she would like so I've decided to knit her a ruffle scarf and made a little square of a paper quilt. Here's a few samples of it, I think if I put it into a nice frame it could turn out presentable enough but in my head I will be thinking it's not enough so if I could lay my hands on a photo of her twins I could alter a canvas. As of now, only things are half started and knowing me if I don't finish something straight away it won't get finished at all so I might just buy her a voucher!


  1. Honestly that will be a lovely present. One of my favourite things in my house are the altered tiles you made for me a few years ago. When you put thought and effort into a present like that, it shows :)

  2. Aw really :) I always think I am inflicting my style on others and would hate to think people say "Oh quick Louise is coming to visit, take out that thing she made us and put it somewhere she can see it!"

  3. I agree, those sort of presents are much nicer than bought ones, and I don't think it's inflicting your style on people :)