Saturday, February 23, 2013

Altered canvas

AMY if you are reading this....STOP!

I need to make something for my sister's birthday and was at a loss. She had asked me previously to make one of the grunge board quilts but they can be quiet time consumuing. I had a few spare canvases so I measured some cardboard and slot them in together. I used 3 sheets of 6x6 from a paper pad from My Mind's Eye and just went from there. I used a few fimo tiles and embossed images to give it a bit of a 3d appearance. Very happy with how this came out and I hope she likes it as much!

3 tag birthday card

I used Anne's Gelli plate today, ohhhh it's amazing! I used it for the backgrounds for the tags, I'd say you could easily make a few months supply of paper in one sitting. I may have to invest....
Anyways, March is a busy month in our house, 4 birthdays and an anniversary and because it's all close family members they expect decent cards....*sigh
I saw an idea with a fold out tag but can't find it to credit it. Playing around I kind of just went with what ever I could grab, which seemed to work :)

Laid out flat, I used washi tape to bind it together and to cover the edges along the top.

A prima flower mounted on some tattered flowers cut out of the gelli plate paper and sprayed.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My new Etsy shop

click here to visit my shop: RicePuddingDesigns

So Amy (curly haired sister), Richie (comic loving nunu) and myself decided to combine our powers like captain planet and make an etsy shop. Amy was always hummming and hawwwing about setting one up, since she finished art collage she found it hard to get her name out there. Richie does awesome hama bead designs, perfect for the nerd in your life and me...well I just like to get my hands messy. 
Have a peek and see what you think, all comments appreciated. It's all new to us!

Photo's to haunt my child with

He will think it's normal to be papped in the bath but what's worse now is he plays up to it!
A bit of stamping and cut outs, but it satisfied itchy crafty fingers for 10 minutes

I found an fairy fossil in my garden

Inspired by the amazing Andy Skinner and a block of air dry clay that was fast going out of date I made this creepy little beauty. I'd love a whole wall of fairy fossils and squished fairies, is that morbid?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ohhh a tag- it's been a while!

I finally got the cog die and I don't know why I didn't get it sooner! In my head the. title Like Clockwork made sense, you know birthdays...once a year like clockwork. Don't think it translates like that :)

Van Lou- The Blue Period

I just realised that sounds like something completely different but I  was messing about with blue and sure while it was on my brush I just kept going!
For all the people who enjoyed valentines by themselves...more wine for you. This sharing mularkey isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes

I've loved this quote for ages and it's my second attempt at doing one for my art journal. The photo doesn't do the background justice, there is a lot of depth and I think it looks like the night sky from space! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Handmade train table

Started off with. a sheet of MDF, called in a favour from a friend who cut it to size for me. I primed it and let dry, too wet to do it outside so we had to have the door open for two days!!

painted the colours in that I wanted and sprayed an acyrillic sealer on, another favour from a friend!

I glued all the tracks down, except the bridge because I wanted to stick it in flat behind the couch. Eli loved it, he loves little bits to play with and his nanny in Dublin gave him a train set with over 100 pieces for Christmas so this was perfect. He throws himself on the ground and plays with it for hours, totally worth the effort and I saved myself about €120! Sweet!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zombie Valentines Card

I decided that the card I made for D just wasn't going to cut it so got my thinking cap on today. He's into the whole zombie scene so I hand drew a girl zombie considering I haven't drawn anything in years like that my hands were suprisingly steady! Using a piece of old cardboard with hearts cut out I added some distress ink in marmalade orange and bard door red and stamped the script stamp from the TH Halloween set. I used my watercolour crayons to colour in, I love the intense colour burst they give. distress around the edges ank ink. The outside sentiment is a joke between us because he thinks if I was in a life or death situation I'd panic and start eating people who were close to me....after an hour. I beg to differ, I'd like to think it would be at least half a day.
On the inside I used my new Hero Arts stamp which I find so theraputic to use, lets stamp a straight line NOPE my stamps have other ideas. It worked for something like this but say I was doing a memorial card it may look more like a ransom note :)
I stamped a few Charles' for good measure (the skeleton stamp from TH who I secretly love) and wrote my sentiment on the left side for a change!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Altered journal- inky fingers

I ran out of gesso so have to cover the pages in paper before starting. It took me ages to cut and assemble the lady (the template is in the last post) and thought the similier the better for it so just went with the title, just  breathe with my new hero arts alphabet stamp. It's great because it doesn't stamp straight so no pressure!

Far too busy but I had fun. If I was to do it again I would gesso the page so I could use the white pen, it kept soaking in through the page so I couldn't highlight the words.

Saturday, February 2, 2013