Sunday, September 11, 2011

Few layouts of Eli-who else

I just realised I have nearly 4 full albums of this boy before his first birthday, think I had better slow down a bit. Although my scrapping time has been cut to none lately it's still nice to get a few bits done even though they feel rushed and it was more about getting the photo onto the page.
I used Bo Bunny stack and can't remember for the life of me what it was called, love the bright colours of it and makes for easy scrapping because there's not much you can do with it being busy!

DIY baby tie t-shirt

I wanted something special and cool for Eli's birthday but because he is still in tiny clothes 0-3, 3-6 months at a push people obviously don't make cool clothes for tiny babies! So I bought a cheap top from Pennys for €3 for a pack of 2 and a pack of ties on special offer for €1. Took me about 15 minutes, 25 if you include the times I had to pick Eli up off the floor because he rolled off his mat and was giving out and I think if you can thread a needle anyone could do this!
I used the skinny end of a man's tie and measured it so it was just a bit longer than the top,DONT cut yet!

Fold a diagonal edge like in the photo, this is where you make sure the end of the tie is no longer than the top

 Fold the long piece back over to form the tie knot but it's not as bulky as normal

The last fold is the long piece back behind (I hope I am explaining this properly, if not the photos should help!) This is when you cut it, cut about half way across the back of the knot so there's no overlap on the left side (our left)

I then folded the top piece down into a V so there would be no over lap on the top of the tie. Now you can leave it like this and it's a very square 80's pencil thin tie but I prefer a bit a beef in my tie so follow onto the next step
Pinch the bottom piece of the knot together so it looks like this and sow the back bottom piece together like a corset (zig zag back and forth any way the needle goes in, no one will see it so don't worry about being tidy!) so the knot looks bigger on top

Add an embelishment, best to do it before you sow the tie on. You don't have to sow the rest of the tie on after the knot but knowing my fella he would probably shove it into the xbox or use it as a rope to escape his cot. Best to be safe rather than trying to explain to the A&E nurse why exactly you thought it was wise to dress your tiny baby in a tie.

One small problem...I never tried the top on before I made the tie and realised it's too big!  He seemed to think it was hilarious though so we have half our birthday suit now :)