Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick father's day cards

When I say quick I mean literally 5 minutes but for all the time my father looked at his (he read the inside and didn't even notice it was handmade!) and D was laughing so hard at his prop (a mustache on a stick) neither of them noticed the mess. But then again, they are men and probably wouldn't give two hoots about the quality (she says as she twitches looking at all the mistakes lol) Next year I'll be more year
I went with the sentiment of wishing my Dad a happy father dad, being more so I wished to celebrate a day of happy fathers...*note to oneself- buy a happy father'S day stamp 

We made these with the kids in montessori and when I tried to explain it to them, I sounded so country I started talking like that all day! Well we all had a fantashtic father's day, we fed the duckas, had an awesome dinner and just enjoyed spending time with each other. 

Even Eli joined in with our fantashtic theme :)

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