Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paper quilt

I don't know what to call these! I'm 3/4 of the way finished this one and just love making them. I need some new stamps to complete the next one though I think *shoppinnnnng spree. Sorry for the bad photo, taken late at night and had to put it away. Trying to put it together is like a jigsaw as all the pieces are individual!

Altered tag

I made this as a birthday card and realised after I had it made that it said happy birthday no where on the tag...oh dear! TH bird decorated different I think she's really pretty even if her fimo crown doesn't fit her!

Quelle suprise!

Well I think I have finally overcome the struggle of scrapping for a boy, who wants pink and flowers anyways...*sob. I think it has challenged me creatively so every LO is very much a learning process

 It does help that Eli makes awesome expressions and I get loads of cute photo's of him (can you hear me toot toot the Mama horn?) but now I'm finished my course I have my own time back, even if that is at 11pm when everyone is in bed!
Writing on photo's in picasa (or photoshop before mine packed in) cuts out the need to journal and I love the effect of it, great for reminding me what age he is too!