Saturday, April 30, 2011

Green LO's

Master Eli feel asleep for 45 minutes so speed scrapping again! Never even noticed I used 2 green cardstock but love the colour of it, very springy even though I am not a green person! It's getting hard to think of ways to put journalling into Eli's monthly LO, really have to see if I can off load him on Nanny for the day so I don't have to panic scrap!

Baby tag blanket and card

Since I had alot of pink scraps for a baby quilt which I don't know when I'll get to use it so made a comforter for a friend who had a baby girl. Of course no pattern, just went for it so its a lil crooked!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

finished grunge board duvet

I started 8 months ago and got to finish it at the wrekend, only ended up making 3 tiles & mounted on canvas but I'm really happy with it, def a labour of love :) great idea to showcase techniques you learn so you don't forget them!

remote caddy

Does your husband have a million remotes and controllers? As I was sorting the couch out one morning & knocked myself in the face with a controller as it flew through the air I vowed to make him something! mod podged together & lost & found stack used, both I have used so much this year it's ridiculous!

thanks Emma

Emma gave me a get well present of a tk maxx pack which have some gorgeous papers in it from American crafts & gave my mojo a bit of a toe up the bum! seriously was in no mood to scrap & my titles are getting lamer but I reaaaally wanted to do something!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eli LO-there's a suprise

Don't trust online translators, I said I would use one for the phrase me and papa, it bloody gave it to me wrong and the Nazi Police in the guise of Emma spotted it! So here is the amended version
Six surely he's been here years. It was this time last year I told my parents...sheesh things escalated after that but it's all good Hesse :)

I wish

Journalling reads:
I wish
you could tell us why you don't want to eat
you understood that I would protect you from anything that would hurt you but there's some pain I cannot
That you will prove all the doctors wrong like you have done so far

Friday, April 1, 2011

Premmie T-shirts

The amount of people on the street who think it is ok to come up and admire a baby while trying to grab their hands or stroke baby's face. I find myself pulling away alot and since it was drummed into us to wash, scrub and gel in SCBU, it's hard not to imagine the amount of germs on peoples hand's from just doing day to day activities so sorry my baby doesn't want to be part of your germ fest (Can you tell this happened yesterday and still shocked that someone tried to put their FINGER in his mouth because he was teething) His next t-shirt will be "Got Sanitizer Bitch? No then walk away"
Stamped with Staz on, can't imagine it will handle many washes let alone one but we'll see :)