Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Chatterbox

I'm still doing my monthly photos of Eli where I journal his achievements that month on it. It's a great way of keeping track, in Feb he just exploded out with words. He can say Daddy, Diablo, There you go, I love you, Bub bye, moon and no. And with all this he can't say Mama yet or I think the evil little ball of cuteness is just holding back. 
The paper I used is a mixture of Echo Park and Amy Tangerine. The top ten is from a smashbook pad and I never know really what to do with them, one especially really puts me off "I wish you would..." and a list. Like how could you put that nicely in a scrapbook 1. I wish you would pick your socks up off the floor 2. I wish you would stop picking your I couldn't see that going well at all!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Altered dominoes and cigar box

This is the front of the dominoes box, with a Charlesque type chap on the front.

A creepy hand coming out from the bottom of the box
Side of the box stamped with script

Two Andy Skinner inspired altered boxes

Close up of the cigar box

 I learned this week my acyrillic paint is crap, I don't own a good paint brush, I have no patience for waiting for things to dry and that I have a very dark crafty side

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Those who move mountains...

It's been a whole since I scrapped so I used one of my 365 photos. Once I saw the quote I knew it was perfect- those who move mountains start by moving small stones. I used my new chicken wire and hexagon stencils with distress inks, a prima script stamp and those dinky little craft stamper stamps from the April edition.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guest blogger on create with Kate

I made an albm from a prima lyric pack I bought off Create with Kate r,ecently
she asked me to be her guest blogger with it :).
 I used a design from angel wings on youtube for the album, very easy manageable for a mini album.

Monday, March 18, 2013

A birthday craft basket ramshackle cramming session

The thing about coming from a crafty family is they will always surpass your expectations of presents!
I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and care & time that went into my birthday basket from my sister this year. It included a painted canvas, a patchwork quilt, felted zombie birthday card, PAC man Hama beads and loads of chocolate! But in saying that it set off alarm bells because I only had an altered canvas for her!
So this is my crafty offering this year...AMY if you are reading STOP!!! Or at least wait until after the 23rd!
My altered canvas for her which I've grown very fond of because its been sitting against my craft table for the last while & I don't want to give it up!

An Andy skinner inspired clay fairy fossil, she loves fairies but I don't know if this will be too morbid, oh well!

Not made by me, but I bought it from Black Cherry Stitches on etsy who has an amazing shop filled with little gems like this, check her out! I know Amy will scream like the 8 year old who watched this every day when she sees this!

Can you tell the panic had set in at this stage.... A stamped photo frame with fimo embellishments and I photo I took of her last year. Hope she likes the photo because there's nothing worse than someone giving you something made and you have a photo with you pulling the 2013 ugliest face award


A little fimo tile covered box with a handmade ring inside. I cannot explain or photograph how gorgeous this ring is. An underwater mermaid should wear it is all I am saying! Thanks for the tip Anne, it's another thing I want to buy now!


A beautiful prima mini album that I half filled with photos of her and her fancy fiancée and some of Eli because she loves that kid for some reason! Left it half blank so she could put her own photos in too and just in Case I managed to put in some photos by accident that she utterly despises!

If I can find some lactose free chocolate now I'm on to a winner and maybe next year suggest vouchers....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New home card


A request from my mother usually entails a "make a card for so and so, I need it in 1/2 hour" I used to jump to these requests until one day I found a stack of them on her kitchen window and a pile of bad excuses "I didn't go to the wedding, the baby is a toddler now, I didn't get a present so I could just give a card" I made this card for her new neighbours who she doesn't know their name so I insisted she get to know them. I'd love neighbours who I could talk to & would be so happy if I got a handmade card to welcome me to the neighbourhood (if any of my neighbours are reading this take note!)
Little people stamp was the free one from craft stamper this month, I can see this being used loads!

Monday, March 11, 2013

A tritag card

A card to remind a friend that unless she smells like aformentioned cheese, she will get away with being a year older :) Finally got to use my cropadile which was exciting, no more pokey tool stabbing randomly into card and the palm of my hand. Derek was most impressed with the silver rings...which were just christmas twine. Not the handmade fimo clock or tile or embossed *sigh*