Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zombie Valentines Card

I decided that the card I made for D just wasn't going to cut it so got my thinking cap on today. He's into the whole zombie scene so I hand drew a girl zombie considering I haven't drawn anything in years like that my hands were suprisingly steady! Using a piece of old cardboard with hearts cut out I added some distress ink in marmalade orange and bard door red and stamped the script stamp from the TH Halloween set. I used my watercolour crayons to colour in, I love the intense colour burst they give. distress around the edges ank ink. The outside sentiment is a joke between us because he thinks if I was in a life or death situation I'd panic and start eating people who were close to me....after an hour. I beg to differ, I'd like to think it would be at least half a day.
On the inside I used my new Hero Arts stamp which I find so theraputic to use, lets stamp a straight line NOPE my stamps have other ideas. It worked for something like this but say I was doing a memorial card it may look more like a ransom note :)
I stamped a few Charles' for good measure (the skeleton stamp from TH who I secretly love) and wrote my sentiment on the left side for a change!


  1. Fabulous drawing, you'll have to do some more :)
    Great sentiment & the stamps work well with this card, are they wood mounted?

  2. Thanks gra :) ya they are wood mounted and that alone would have put me off them but I find them easier to use now. I did have to snip some corners off because it was stamping it but otherwise that I would totally recommend them!

  3. I think this is the best valentine card I've ever seen, I love it. And your drawing is fantastic, best wishes.