Friday, August 16, 2013

Upcycling furniture

Trouble is when you get second hand furniture (Thanks Mum!) it might not always suit your house but you just accept it because, hey it's free! I hated my dark furniture and when I heard about Annie Sloan paint I knew it was my best bet to get rid of this colour! There's no prepping so it's just slap the paint on and let it dry, ta daaaaa!

Didn't notice Diablo until after, he does it every time lol


  1. Annie Sloan paint is great for people who have no patience for preperation..... like me!
    Lovely job an I really like your table cloth!!

  2. It made such a major difference, looks so fresh and bright. I am dying to paint my dark wood bed, but then I'll have to do the dresser and I just know I won't have a chance to do it all. Maybe once Ethan starts school lol.