Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A wedding wish- my senbazuru

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I knew I wanted to make something special for Amy's wedding and I wanted something that had dramatic effect so when I saw this idea I knew it would be perfect for a) my busy hands at night and b) my lifelong wish to learn how to origami

It took me 2 months of constantly making them every night, I started at 5 minutes to make one and near the end I was making them in 1 minute 15 seconds

I tipped
  the box of 1000 out on the table and was going to throw them in the air just cos but then I remembered I had to sort them out uhh wasn't looking forward to that at all
Love all the spectrum of colours and how delicate they look!

Chinese takeaway containers holding Japanese origiami..why not!

The first string I made and this was more annoying than making the 1000! I pushed them together for the photo but will space them out when I am gluing them. I need to make about 33 of these and hang them off a branch so I can make a backdrop for a wall. I'll post a photo from the wedding, now I've to find somewhere safe to store them!


  1. they are beautiful, and they are going to look amazing!

  2. Beutiful in the pastel spectrum, what a lovely wedding gift. I've seen the ones at Hiroshima that get donated and stay near the eternal flame in the peace park until they dissolve away to nothing in the elements (and release their wish) - very moving.

  3. I couldn't imagine setting these on fire, I read that half way through when making them and nearly cried at the thought of it!

  4. Your patience knows no bounds. Such a lovely thing to make for Amy and Richie. It's going to look gorgeous!