Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scrap youself...why not

I'm finding something very theraputic sticking teeny tiny gems down lately, not happy with the loopy lou script but it was that or use my crayons as D suggested....we aren't talking after that lol

This photo just break my heart! I was cleaning out a top scrap shelf and standing on a chair, Eli comes in and starts this "mama....mama...mama" without turning around I say "one minute baby and I will be with you" he just sighs and says "Der you go" and leaves a bunch of flowers on thge table as he walks out. Felt soooo bad!


  1. Oh he totally broke my heart when you posted this on Facebook! So sweet. Two lovely layouts. You is looking FINE in that top one ;)

  2. These are lovely, and Eli is such a sweetheart!