Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Bind it All Album

We had a pretty rough hospital stay in April when Eil had the first of his big operations, didn't help the situation when my Granny died on the same day of his surgery. He took a bad reaction when we got home from Dublin and spent another week in Castlebar Hospital. Pretty crappy time all in all but using my 365 photos that I had to take on my phone I decided to make an album with them. I wanted something simple just to focus on the photos so not much embellishments and I used my new Little Hero's Waltzing Mouse add on set. Of course the set made me cry because it was just perfect for this. A great release for me to make this, helps me to process it in my own head and have it recorded for Eli when he wants to know about his story later on.

This took me about 1 and half hours using kraft card as the background and an American crafts paper pack I got in TK MAXX recently. Quick bind with the bind it all and even I was impressed with the speed of it!
Front cover

Waltzing Mouse stamp at top of page says - once upon a time there was a boy

and he was very brave

After surgery and he was in a morphine induced sleep, I added a filter to it because it was so blurry and out of focus but I think it adds to the effect of it

He was so nervous before he went down, they gave him a premed. He acted like he was so drunk, giggling and falling over himself. Made it easier bringing him down to surgery as he sang twinkle twinkle putting the gas mask on but I cried as I came back up. It's not an easy thing bringing your child to an operating room and leaving his life in a team of surgeons hands. The stamp says- and I was so proud of him (how fitting for this photo)

We got home late Saturday night but were back in hopsital the next day...twice

Not easy being confined when you love outside

Never seen him as sick and it was heartbreaking seeing him in such panic and pain. It didn't help the situation when I got the gastro bug from the hospital and passed out, cutting up my face. I looked like I had gone a few rounds in a boxing ring

First smile I had seen in over a week

I was so happy we were released when we were.... I thought Eli was getting Munchausen syndrome!
Last stamp- and he could do anything

And I truly believe he can, 1 surgery down 4 more to go....


  1. Oh god I'm having a little cry here. That's such a beautiful album and it really is the perfect stamp set.

  2. I knew once I bought it I'd have to do an album like this with it. He might stop making all my female friends cry by the age he is 5, lil fecker pulling on my heart strings!

  3. wow Lou, that is really beautiful and a very good record to give to him later on. He will never stop making your female friends cry, and just wait til he starts on his own female friends!! This is one I want to see in real life :) x

  4. Great album with the perfect sentiments, the last page is the best :)