Friday, June 28, 2013

Eli's summer fruit meringue cake

*Disclaimer- I gave out the whole way throughout making this because it used so much butter and eggs but it is totally worth it!

I got the recipe from this month's Easy Food magazine and made a few alterations as you do. Here's the recipe and how I made it so if it doesn't turn out right please don't blame me. It's like a mixture between a bakewell tart and meringue.

225g butter
225g sugar
4 eggs
175g self raising flour
50g ground almonds
A little milk
150g fresh or frozen fruit ( I used a big handful and a few little Eli handfuls of Tesco's frozen mixed summer fruit)

Meringue topping-
3 egg whites
175g caster sugar
handful of flaked almonds

Preheat oven to 170 degree.
Grease a springform tin
Cream the butter and sugar
Add eggs and then sieve the flour and ground almonds, this took forever because Eli insisted on doing it so I ended up bunging a load of it in and it didn't make a bit of difference
Mix until creamy and add a little milk to loosen the mixture
Throw in your fruit and place in tin
Bake for 40 mins (I only left it in for about 20 mins and think that's why it was so soft)
Mix 3 egg whites until soft peaks and add 175g caster sugar
Remove from oven and reduce temperature to 150
The cake will still be wobbley so add the egg white mixture gently but quickly on top with a handful of flaked almonds and place back in oven for another 20 mins

Now it says in the recipe to remove from oven and let cool for 4 hours or all night. I can confirm as can Eli it tastes as good coming straight out of the oven and served with a handful of frozen berries :) A great occasion cake if you wanted to impress someone

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