Sunday, January 13, 2013

Valentines Card- All you need is love

 D asked what I was doing and I said making a valentines card. FOR WHO he said....completely serious. I give up. For you, you dickhead was what I replied and he said if it's not on the inside of the card when he gets it he will get suspicious. Oh the romance is still there....

Still on my using scraps buzz so all little bits I had in a box, hand cut heart stamped, inked and covered in glossey accents. I love the banner at the top, I just free hand drew it and wrote in "All you need is", stamped white dabs with the white paint dauber but think it looks a little messy and had already to rub out a huge mess so the paper wouldn't take much more rubbing!


  1. Lmao that sounds like something Ciaran would say! Beautiful card. You'd wonder with fellas if you'd be as well off just writing it on a post it lol.

  2. He has been known to write I love you on a piece of tissue to substitute a card...a used piece of tissue!I think I just wanted to craft Emma didn't matter what lol

  3. ha ha ha love it, the last couple of years I have just made a nice tag and attached it to a bar of chocolate or something - cards are completely wasted in this house! Love yours though, hope it's appreciated :)