Monday, January 28, 2013

Altered journal page- sunbeams

I saw this on pinterest and fell in love with it. Although I don't think mine is half as pretty I've coming around to the usage of little women and my own writing on pages so I learned something, can't be all a bad thing so!
I like the beauty along the side because I found a box of chipboard letters that I've never used but used them as a stencil and sprayed over them. Highlighted in black and it just popped, really happy because I was going to dump them! 
My printer hates me and would only print the lady up in a 4x6 so I think I will use her again but on a larger scale and get more creative, that was the extent of how much I was willing to do after a long day yesterday!


  1. Eeekkk The Twits quote, I love it!!!! This is fab, the buttferfly, the girl, the writing, I love it all!!

  2. The page isn't very twit-esque is it ;) but thanks!