Saturday, December 22, 2012

Charles meets Andy Warhol


I needed another small present for m sister so I had an old frame, gave it a polish up & placed the Andy Warhol inspired Charles into it? I asked my mum what she thought & the look of disgust on her face"the frame is filthy! Old fashioned and who would hang that up in their house???"
Well your daughter for one, I thought it added to the old charm :) I paint it with some gesso because I didn't want it white white, gave the glass a huge scrub and put it back together. Don't want yo give it to her now!


  1. Trust mums to tell you what they REALLY think! I love it anyway. I have a Charles picture up in my house too, stamped onto old sheet music :)

  2. You would have gotten this if I hadn't remembered about your Charles too!