Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An easy sturdy mini album

Excuse the lighting, I promise it will be better when my craft corner is installed....when...

What you will need:
Hoogie board (or something similar)
Old coloured paper
ATG gun
bone folder

This took me about 40 minutes and should hold about 20 photos. I made it for a Christmas present so now just need to get the cardstock and cover it but the black makes a good background for it. Bad for tutorials but hey, you live and learn!
To make the cover:
2 pieces of corrugated cardboard (I used an old box) measuring 6 x7"
The inner piece measures 6 x 1 1/2"
Place two sheets of paper (I used a cheap A4 black paper pack) behind the cardboard, with the joining line running down the spine. To attach to the paper I ran a strip of tape down the middle of the join to keep the paper together. Cover all 3 pieces in glue and lay down, making sure there is a gap of about 1/2 " in between each piece like shown in the photo to make sure it can fold over. Cover the edges of the cardboard with glue and mitre the corners
To make sure you have enough room to bend the album, fold over before gluing down to see their is enough give in the cardboard.
Cut an A4 sheet in 1/2 and glue to the inside of the cover, ensuring you push the paper gently into the folds so the cover can open and close.
The finished album cover which can be adjusted to suit your needs and size.
This is the binding which measures 5 3/4"  and scored every 1 1/2".
You will need about 3 of these. When they are scored valley and mountain fold until you have a fan like shown in the photo.
This is all the pieces lined up, a tip I found useful was to use your bone folder on each fold and make it very flat.
When gluing the 3 pieces together I thought
 of it like putting the paper to bed, line it up so you know where the glue should go, attach glue to one side and to get it lined up straight put it on the side with no glue (left side on the photo) ensuring it is positioned correctly, put it to bed and fold the bend over like you are tucking it in. When you are finished you should have one continuous line of fanned paper.
Cut out about 10 pages of 5 3/4 x 6 3/4 " ( I don't get all these 3/4 measurements and my hoogie doesn't do 1/4's so I made it 1/2 instead) Attach one page to each left side of the valley fold, like in the photo.
To finish off the inside album I stuck each piece of the valley fold on the underside together so when it was finished it looks like a little book. Glue the first page to the front inside cover and the last page to the back inside cover and volia :)
Hope these instructions weren't too complicated and if you have any questions just ask me here!

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