Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spoooooky Halloween decoration

Well you hardly thought I was going to say Christmas decoration. The final week is upon us now and the last minute dash to costumes is being made as well as complete changes (a little 3 year old with KISS makeup, too fricking  cute!) I bought this die off Felicia when I met her in Athlone this month and was waiting until I got some time to do it. It happened I was passing my desk and it lured me in like a siren calling. Before I knew it I was wrist deep in black paint and wondering what had happened. The delicate little gate kept falling over,  Eli kept pulling off the gates so I had to hot glue it to some grey board and covered it with some cardboard shavings, sprayed a bit and stuck down with PVA. I love the hand sticking out of the garden and the minute hand on the fimo clock is... a hand. Cracks me up :)
Thanks for looking!