Monday, October 7, 2013

New CHA Release Tag- The Scientist

Well I finally did it, I treated myself to Distress Markers... the full set ecck. After my class in Athlone I went shopping with Create with Kate who had alllll the new CHA releases in her shop. I couldn't hold a conversation until I had the shopping out of my system!
 I am not a colourer so it will be a learning process for me. Like not using water colour paper, they just didn't blend but maybe it was because I wasn't doing it right. I don't like rules or you have to's! I wanted to put as a title- Mad scientist? No I'm not a scientist- but it wouldn't fit. I don't actually know why I bought him but something about him drew him to me, kinda like Charles. I shall call him Thadius, he looks like a Thadius don't you think :)


  1. He looks like a very competent scientist, not mad at all! Love the tag, have resisted the markers so far, but it's a battle. Looking forward to all your distress marker creations :)

  2. I dunno Gra, there's a crazy glint there or maybe it's glitter I don't know! The distress markers seem very versatile, can't wait to get a good play with them!

  3. Fabulous piece! He reminds me of the chemist in 'It's a wonderful life'. Thadius definitely fits. Nicola x