Monday, November 5, 2012

One does ponder

One does ponder... About ways how he can make us laugh. He's a funny guy always throwing himself about or insulting people by calling them smelly, I think he think its how you say hello. The other day I was at my craft corner, did I mention I got my craft corner *sigh and I heard his snorty laugh. He came running out and pointed at the telly laughing that he had seen something funny and wanted me to laugh too. Reminds me of the time when he came home from hospital after 3 months & Amy wanted to know when he would get humour because he didn't find her funny. Well... The two of them just scream laughing at each other now, funny how something so small can make you forget the bad.

Close up, with faux stitching, my gorgeous washi tape and without distressing because Eli hid my distress tool, somehow think its in D's shoe. Well we will find out soon enough!

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