Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday scrapping

Excuse the spelling typo's my hands are caked in gesso and won't wash off! 
I had been so safe with my scrapping lately and my hands were were itching to get dirty so I just went for it tonight. Eli's photo's of messy play he's had and some tasty crayons inspired me but so did this page, I'm a big fan!!
There is loads of texture on it that the camera didn't pick up, I gessoed a yellow piece of cardstock and then applied some pva and put book pages over it. Leave to dry for a few minutes then peel away the paper that didn't stick and even some that did for a transulcent print effect. 
I first did 1 lump, then another and realised they looked like boobs so had to add a third... you live and learn. I made then by scrunching a piece up and added glue to layer a circle over it, gesso and glued it down tight like I was making ravilloi. Really must get some modelling paste though, the one I have is very coarse and can do nothing with it so I just shoved ART into it!

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