Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where iz ze wascally hamster?

Since Lola got out last night Diablo has been very unnerved and thought this photo would be appropiate to tell the story! It was taken a few weeks ago while cleaning her cage and I could resist putting him into it, he spent his whole time not moving and staring inside the cage to see if he could see her!
The journalling tag pulls out from behind the lil hamsters head:
Since Diablo is a schauzer when ever I hear him speak in my head it's always in a thick German accent. Although he is fascinated by Lola he became very insecure after she escaped and spent the next few days by my ankles (and under my scrapping table!)
and would stare at Lola's cage from under his eyebrows.
All because the hole in the cage for the drink bottle had been filled with a lemon and when it shrunk she made her escape!

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