Sunday, October 4, 2009

A flower blooms once

I photo filtred these photos ages ago and was looking for something really special to do with them so I just went for it today! I had printed a few out different sizes to see which one was the best (ohh yes not just a quick print up and slap it down I cared about these pictures!) and decided to matte the photos with each other. I used a K&co rub on transfer for the leaves and Emma's cuttlebug cut out's for the letters (which I had to spell check "fairies"....twice...after I was finished because "faires" just didn't look right!)
Had a bit of a, let's just say episode with the glue sticking the flower centres on... but then again me and glue are a recipe for disaster and stuck together fingers :)
I embossed a stamp that says a flower blooms once in the corner. It's not the special LO I was hoping for the photos but I like it none the less and sure isn't that what matters!

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