Sunday, September 27, 2009

Exploding box

I always get asked how I make these and there's no better place to put a tutorial up than here!
I won't be decorating the box as the person who wants it, wants to decorate it themselves so I will just do the box it's self


4 x 12x12 sheets cardstock

1 x sheet minimum patterned paper



Paper clips (can be used to hold corners together on lid while drying)

Layer one: Inside sheet (the one you see when you open the box) I will call this the pink layer

Measure 4” from each corner and using a bone folder score the page and cut out square in each corner

Layer two: Middle sheet- black layer

Measure 3.75” square from each corner and do same as above

Layer three: Outside sheet-purple layer

Measure 3.5” square from each corner and do same as above

This picture is all the sheets layered on top of each other, there are little scraps that you can use to decorate the inside of the box

Fold up flaps of the box, don't worry if you can see the inside layer peaking over the top, you just trim them down so the pink layer is the shortest and the purple will be the only one seen when the box is folded up

Round all corners and I inked the pink layer for more emphasis

Stick glue/double sided tape in between layers to stick them down, The purple layer (outside) does not need to be glued

TIP: It can be tricky enough layering the sheets on top of each other so just hold back the flap closest to you so you can see where you are positioning it on 3 sides


8x8 sheet and score with a bone cutter 1 ¼ “ the whole way around so it makes a rim. Fold back using the bone cutter.

Score a diagonal line in each corner to meet the corner of the 1 ¼ “

Bend the corner into each other on all four corners, they should just fold into each other. I used double sided tape so I didn't need the paperclips but if you use wet glue you will need to use them to hold in place.

I added a ribbon to the lid using double sided tape again and tied into a bow (a messy one at that!)

I LOVE my new embosser and embossed a stamp on top (shhhh it's a bit messy) and mounted it on the spare pieces of scrap I had left over.

I embossed flowers on the inside sheet and voila! Hope this helps you make a gorgeous box like this!

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  1. Thanks for this Louise, you have inspired me to make an exploding box as a gift for my mum!