Monday, September 2, 2013

Feeling Autumnyyyyy

Using the Tim Holtz tattered leaves die I rolled about 100 or so it felt like and spray them all beautiful Autumal colours. I stamped a few with script, scrunched a few and threw a few in the air just for the craic. Then I got on and made this hanging, using a branch that I mod podged all the bugs to it so they couldn't escape, just die slowly and leave their little buggy corpse in my art like the mosquito from Jurrasic Park. I then used fish gut to attach the leaves too, I tried glossy accents but it wasn't catching it and I was in no mood to burn myself with the glue gun so I used double sided tape and just pulled the white side off so you can't see it. Finished each end with a bead to weigh it down and you have a pretty festive hanging if I do say so

Let the Autumn fun not end there! I stuck some more leaves to my fishgut in a horizontal fashion and gave them a good old scrunch

Makes a beautiful decoration for over my craft table :)