Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Chatterbox

I'm still doing my monthly photos of Eli where I journal his achievements that month on it. It's a great way of keeping track, in Feb he just exploded out with words. He can say Daddy, Diablo, There you go, I love you, Bub bye, moon and no. And with all this he can't say Mama yet or I think the evil little ball of cuteness is just holding back. 
The paper I used is a mixture of Echo Park and Amy Tangerine. The top ten is from a smashbook pad and I never know really what to do with them, one especially really puts me off "I wish you would..." and a list. Like how could you put that nicely in a scrapbook 1. I wish you would pick your socks up off the floor 2. I wish you would stop picking your I couldn't see that going well at all!

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