Saturday, September 29, 2012

Craft corner plans

It has come to light that ikea might solve my crafting storage problems, since 11k for an extension wasn't an option! I feel like the one person in Mayo going to ikea with the huge list I have ( for those not in Ireland ikea is nearly 300 miles away) or you know that scene from the movie The Beach where Leonardo DI Cairo gets the list if supplies off the islanders to get on the mainland... Something like that!

I think the besta range will suit my needs with 3 cabinets on top, and one large one running up the right side. I love the clean white look, a blank canvas!

with lots of under shelf lighting and a table light, squinting at my work will not be a problem anymore! I'm soooo excited at the thought of having a dedicated craft space. I had a desk a few years ago but it just wasn't right & ended up storing most of my stuff on the desk top itself. So in 3 weeks I should have it woooooo


  1. ooooh exciting, I like that second picture with the light - looking forward to seeing lots of photos!

  2. It's going to be so pretty!! I think I'm going with white as well. It looks so streamlined and clean.

  3. That and it's extra for colour Emma! But I've accessorised with red things :)