Sunday, July 29, 2012

Graphic 45 Album

I wanted to make an album for my friends babies who are one soon, so the perfect chance to buy and try graphic 45 ABC primer. I thought it was a little morbid (? strange word to describe it but it was for a baby album and seemed an odd choice) but after cutting it all up I think it worked :)
Excuse the bad videoing eh? Now he wants to claim this as his own because he videoed it! 
This is the tutorial I kind of used to make the bind, I say kind of because I didn't measure anything!! 


  1. This is so pretty. Can't believe how quickly you manage to get these made!

  2. This one took about 2 hours but the one today took ages because I was interupted so many times! Real life getting in the way, I need a room with a lock!

  3. I dunno how you make them so quickly either, I take ages to get anything done!