Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Finished grungeboard duvet

Tile 1- TH dress form die and cogs and wheels, handmade little book, fimo swallow, crown and lock

Tile 2- TH itty bitty grunge stamp set stamped and UTEE'd, Lost Coast Design Stamp that I stamped onto crepe paper and shrink wrap

Tile 3- Handmade steampunk heart out of Fimo and other random bits. My new foxy stamp from Anne (thanks Anne!)

Tile 4- Embossed cog dies and a few other little handmade bits, great way to use up any old bits lying around

Stamped into UTEE and goldfingered after

Embossed cogs and guilded leaf added after then buffed down

Stamped into UTEE and add a shimmer while it was wet

Folded little book, with a string added to open and close. Stamped saying on the inside

Steampunk heart with clockwork pieces added in before baked


  1. hiya lou , really fab quilt love how it showcases all your techniques , I did a th mini album recently and did this too , but unlike your art mine will be tucked away in a drawer most probably were as you can gaze at your all the time ,so thinking cap on for me now lou, thanks for the inspiration ps can i ask you what size is each tile ( as in you have four ) its hard to tell from the photos , thanks again

  2. love this, it's gorgeous....still plodding along with mine, not happy with it so far meh. it's been so long since I used UTEE I've forgotten how to do it!!! Dunno how you find the time, you should be really proud of this and enjoy every minute of looking at it :D x

  3. Thanks ladies :) Maggie it's a square about a hand's length for each tile. I don't do measurements, or I do but not well!
    Lisa just remember to use emboss ink, UTEE, ink, UTEE, ink and on the last UTEE to stamp into while still hot.

  4. What a work of art! This is just gorgeous :)

  5. This is gorgeous Lou, absolutely the kind of thing I wanted to see in my challenge :-) You are so talented, its been a pleasure to visit your blog! :-) Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you will enter,I would love to see more of your fantastic artwork! Elaine-xxx-


  6. I have featured this project lovely :-) Elaine-xxx- http://sparklingblackrose-craftmylife.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/featured-crafters-from-my-all-crafts.html

  7. What a gorgeous creation, so much lovely details
    hugs Linda