Friday, April 1, 2011

Premmie T-shirts

The amount of people on the street who think it is ok to come up and admire a baby while trying to grab their hands or stroke baby's face. I find myself pulling away alot and since it was drummed into us to wash, scrub and gel in SCBU, it's hard not to imagine the amount of germs on peoples hand's from just doing day to day activities so sorry my baby doesn't want to be part of your germ fest (Can you tell this happened yesterday and still shocked that someone tried to put their FINGER in his mouth because he was teething) His next t-shirt will be "Got Sanitizer Bitch? No then walk away"
Stamped with Staz on, can't imagine it will handle many washes let alone one but we'll see :)


  1. LOVE these-ya people love babies! I hear ya... :)

  2. So cute!! The letters came out so clear. Let me know how well they wash. Gross I can't believe somebody tried to stick their finger in Eli's mouth! Yuck.