Friday, January 14, 2011

Few more for the Book of Firsts

1st time meeting Amy & Richie (godparents)

1st vest- actual vest, it fit into 8x8 with room to spare!

1st Socks- actual socks, at 3 months he finally grew out of them but is now in limbo because new born socks are still massive for him

Could never thank the nurses in SCBU for the care and cuddles they gave Eli, still get a lump thinking about how kind and thoughtful they were. They do such an amazing job, if I hadn't picked a career I would be doing  Special Care Nursing after seeing the amazing job they did


  1. Fabulous LO's Lou, I love how you scapped the socks and baby grow! So cute!

  2. Love that his babygro is in the album! That is so cool :)