Monday, September 13, 2010

Hospital Scrapping

Well I've nothing better to do, do I!! I wonder will they give me another table? The doctors keep coming and plopping my file on top of all the bits and I have to do everything in my power to slap them across the head and scream "My god man, it's wet with glossy accents what's WRONG with you? Sheesh"

Flour bebe is actually a bag of flour weighed out to 690g what baby weighed last week and wrapped in a premmie baby grow. I showed a paed nurse this today and she thought it was so funny although said McDivapants wouldn't be as fat as the bag of flour!


  1. great to see that you are managing to get stuff done, hope the time is passing ok for you :)

  2. LOL....great layouts mrs :) no better way to pass the time me thinks :)

    as for the doctors, me thinks you may need to erect a 'Caution, Wet Paint' sign!!!

  3. Well done for being able to scrap in hospital. I know I would probably leave something majorly important behind! Like ds tape!