Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After waiting so long for it and then buying the alphabet cutter (that didn't fit might I add, follow a 2 week wait while waiting for an adapter from ebay) for my sizzlix.... its such a pain in the ass!! I feel like a monkey turning my jack in the box, so while I am doing it I keep cringing thinking something is going to pop out and frighten the life outta me! Anywho, I spent a few hours Sunday cutting different colour alphabets out ( I had himself eating tictacs for the last week so I could use the containers, he now has diabetes), hunched over the table and looking for each individual letter was paaaaaainnnful! Maybe I would be just cutting as I need and I thought I was being self-suficient!
I tried my first 2 page LO because I couldn't fit the photos all on one page and I think I might do a few more, it was great fun and I love the look of it *tooot tooot (me blowing my own horn!)

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